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Marina Volskaya-Nikitina is Russian photographer , from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Working in color, candidly photographing everyday life in the night city.

"I would call it "night citiography. At night, the city transforms, all the fuss and crowds disappear, simple details of everyday life dissolve in the dark, artificial lighting sets a completely different atmosphere, turning the most mundane objects into movie scenes. The people you meet at night are completely other. Thoughtful, lonely, in love, sad, present. More poetic. At this time it is easier to be here and now. Comprehend. Get inspired. Street photography is an excellent practice of presence, premonition, attention to life, and love for it. You are happy to accept any weather and circumstances. Snowfall? Pouring rain? It is a rare luck to be in the right place and with the right light, and always a great excuse to take the camera and wander. I am deeply in love with cinema and my passion for movies plays a key part in the project. I love it when the scenes are directed by life and I'm only assisting, trying to capture them.

Night  photography has become a central theme for me. I like it when everyday life still remains there, but because of the atmosphere and a couple of minor details, it is shifting and another reality begins to glow through.

At some point, I though that real night street photography was possible only in large metropolitan areas, with their luxurious night light, all these highlights, reflections and shadows, with their stunning architecture allowing you to fit your lonely passers-by right into a perfect composition; where at night there are so many people on the streets that nobody notices to you. I believed that’s where the real street life was, where you can shoot interesting plots and exciting emotions, not just people moving from A to B. It had to be London, Hong Kong or New York to offer all this magnificence. The best street photographers live in big cities. But then I decided that I should just shoot whatever is next to me and look for the wonderful in everyday life."